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Wed Jun 26, 2013, 11:54 AM
Why call it a shoutbox when your not actually shouting? Your work is cool, btw!
Fri May 3, 2013, 5:52 PM
Sat Apr 6, 2013, 11:14 AM
Hi! :3
Mon Dec 24, 2012, 11:39 AM
Fri Sep 21, 2012, 9:41 AM



Wisp by Blackpassion777
I'm not that good at cute but I had an urge, so I drew :iconthomisus:'s character
Wisp | Night Sprite by Thomisus

Which is of this species:
Adoptables 021 | CLOSED | Night Sprites by iEatMudkipz
Mystfell Logo and Font by Blackpassion777
Mystfell Logo and Font
Mystfell has a new look! We've gone with a more rune based logo, since it has more of an air of mystery, but still has that viking look that everyone has come to recognize. The theme will rotate with the seasons, and here I've uploaded the autumn theme. We have 25% off in the cash shop at the moment, so don't forget to snag your autumn pets while you can! Every cent goes towards making Mystfell all it can be. Thank you so much for the support!
Behance. Please, please, add a search bar at the top of every page. Please do this thing. 
Treasure Hunt by Blackpassion777
Treasure Hunt
There's a treasure hunt going on in Mystfell! There's a surprise prize at the end of it for participants. Full instructions are in the players guide, the link to which you can find on the front page. I hope you enjoy!

Some words about pricing

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 12:38 PM
Wut up you guys, sorry for what looks like inactivity. Been working on a lot of Mystfell work I can't show yet, commissions, day job, and job hunting. 

Anywho, pricing. If you are a confident artist who needs to pay bills or any kind, be it to cover shopping or vet bills or your rent, you have to price your work like a street vendor in Mexico shouting prices then desperately lowering them so your client doesn't walk (or run) away.

I'm getting a little irritated at people who undersell. I love anyone who wants to stick it to art, but there are problems with this. I'm sure you've heard of them through something, but it just kills me to see a good artist undercharging. If you can afford to just futz about for some extra money because you wanted to do it anyways, then totes awesome for you, but now here's the catch; you are working for under minimum wage, most of you. Thanks not okay. 

I've actually run across people that think the artist almost owes them for the privilege of drawing their characters. I'm serious. And I've even gotten some people that only want to pay $150 for a full illustration. Lets say that including research, and sketching and correspondence, you spent 15 hours (ha) slaving away at this painting. Congratulations, you made $10 an hour. I make more than that babysitting kids and teaching them art.

If you have this handy dandy book called "Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook", then you know that is cray. I'm guilty of undercharging as well, because sometimes some money is better than no money, but when MissGoddessofArt only charges $100 for a full painting and I charge half of industry standard, $500, she gets the work, not me. Problem with this, not everyone else can only charge what she charges if they want to get business at all.

Ever been to a convention? You circle those booths like a vulture, trying to find that thing you want for even one dollar cheaper than the guy across the room, but chances are, you can't, because everyone is going to try to charge the same, so you start looking at style etc. instead of price.

The other issue with this, is it disillusions non-artists into thinking these prices are acceptable. Freelance prices, even in the industry, are the same as they were back when our parents only had one tv channel and it stopped at 8pm. Now if you're in the US, you'll notice all costs for everything have done nothing but go up. So now what? We should probably do something about it. 

Given what I just talked about, let's say this is more relevant towards fandom freelance, but don't think it isn't a problem elsewhere. I've seen an ad on craigslist trying to sway an artist to work for the cred. Sir, can you not. 

btw, for people looking for magical prices, here's what's listed in the Handbook:

Comparative Fees for Illustration in Digital Media
icon/button (international)$525-1,200  -  (National)$550-2,250  -  (Limited)$150-2,250  -  (Bundled with Print)$150-1,500

For an icon ya'll. A button. That's industry standard. Obviously you have to account for skill and possibly degree cred, but I hope you guys get that book, it's extremely helpful. Also, try to figure how much you're going to make an hour based on what you charge, because if it drops to ten and under, maybe rethink your gameplan. 

Since you can't read tone, and I want to be sure we're clear I'm not angry at anyone or calling anyone out or pointing any fingers or even blaming anyone. Just putting forth that this is a problem, and we artists gotta stick together, and I don't wanna be seeing anyone working for minimum wage or god forbid, free. And to those that want to pay low, I'm not mad at you either, hell I don't want to spend more than 5 bucks on a shirt, I get it, but be kind to your artist, and now you know.

Okie I gotta go to work, maybe I'll drop in after and spice this up and spellcheck lololol

Skin by SimplySilent
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Mystfell question: Should we have a fluffy version of the dragon? Not necessarily cute fluffy. Elegant fluffy - It wouldn't be a mandatory evolve either, you would need an item. 

67 deviants said Yes
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