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Burnt 2 by Blackpassion777
Burnt 2
Remember this?? I fixed it up a little so I wouldn't feel bad getting it printed for a friend lol Figured I would resubmit the version I'm not embarrassed over.

Also, no posties lately cause all my work at BLT is confidential forever and when I do have time I work on Mystfell OTL Hopefully I can post something soon!
To everyone that wished me happy birthday, thank you! I was moving myself and my parents that day and I've been exhausted from moving. Finally got my things together and got back into 40hrs a week at work. Also still working hardcore on Mystfell. So I'm sorry I've been absent! There's only so much time in the day~
I hired this guy off of thumbtack to recover my drive, which he did, and everything seemed fine, minus the fact that he sucked at responding to texts (his phone rejected calls). I paid him, he left, I pulled everything off the drive he'd moved it to and realized he didn't move a whole other folder I asked for.

He already said he'd get me the rest if he missed anything, so I texted him asking for it, and he said that was fine. Then a week passed with nothing, so I texted him back saying to just send me the drive, I'd do it. He asked for my address, then that's the last I heard from him.

I found his facebook page and sent a message, and still nothing. What should I do? It's pretty much every picture I've ever taken. I don't need I told you so's, I've hit my head against a wall plenty. I just want my drive back, but at this point I'm worried it's gone. Is this even something to bother the police with? He won't answer, but I paid him and he didn't do what I asked, I'm getting really mad, and frustrated. 
>>>> FIXED: Closed some windows 10 program that was running the the background using something like 2,000 mbs - I didn't even read what it was, I just closed it. Windows Echo? So in case anyone else runs into this problem<<<<<

I say that, but it IS technically working. If I select the eyedropper tool on the toolbar and use it, no issue. If I hold alt, or use a shortcut on the EK remote I have to click twice, maybe three times. As a side note - "i" as a shortcut works just fine, I can select anything, and when I use my mouse instead of my pen to select a color while holding alt, it works perfectly. So I'm thinking it's something to do with pen settings.

I reset the tool, and it still does it. Also, it slows up photoshop and it briefly freezes up, but when I do the same thing with a mouse, there are no problems, and it behaves normally.

I 100% rely on this during painting. So selecting a light color, thinking I have it, then painting a stroke only to undo is highly irritating when it happens every five seconds. I've tried everything I can think of and nothing has helped. 

***I'm running windows 10 with a QHD cintiq (I think this only started happening after I upgraded, but to be honest, I just moved and I don't really remember.)
So everyone is clear, I live in the USA (If it's not obvious) Fuck the government. It's like Maya. "Oh shit, look at all these problems??? OH you know what, let's just add on more and more shit until no one notices or cares." Just so may things make me want to destroy everything. I'm still on the verge of tears with how much of my life was wasted in the school system. I loved my teachers, I adored some of them (and I admit, some were actually satan. Racist fucks), and really respected others.

But the content, the testing, and the way we evaluate someone's intelligence, are just outdated, and not right. At all. I do NOT read instructions well. There could be many reasons for that, but I just turn off. I see something once, I'm set for life, Gotcha, primo, yay, let's go.

I taught kids for a while and even though I had to follow a bit of a formulae just to get through the class, it's so clear that no one is dumb, or slow, or distracted, people are just different, and ruining kids' lives because of tests is a terrible thing to do. I'm not going to lie, I have no solution, but I'm so angry that we just keep letting it happen. Just this past year it's started making me angry. (I'm happy with my job, don't get me wrong) I don't know what's causing this, I just know that things are very wrong.

In regards to art? Taxes, small business fees. Taxes should be taken out of transactions, not from your income. It's hard enough being a small business without all those extra fees. There's a reason there's a scale to determine how much the government can tax before people stop working. It's ridiculous! I'm not saying I don't understand the reason for taxes, but don't take the money people make, take it out of the items they buy. There would be far less anger and hatred. Not to mention laws and taxes shouldn't be so difficult you HAVE to hire people to understand it. (Not that I'm dismissing how much work people put into those careers.) 

Word wall. I rambled, but I'm not even close to done. I could go on and on. I can't be the only one? isn't this a democracy? Can we just tear it all the fuck down and start over? At a certain point you fuck with it, it's going to get worse, just like art, and you have to start over. These laws were founded so long ago, I get tradition, but damn, I guess we should just bring back the slaves, and pretend to have religious equality. This is stupid, things change, so should our laws and our government. The LGBT marriage laws are a step forward, but there are so many problems, it just makes me want to cry. 

If you're a watcher, no I don't talk about politics much, no, and people say that to keep friends, you should never discuss them, but I just have to wonder if it's everyone. How do huge corporations get away without paying taxes? How do the people that pass tax law not have to abide by them? It's absurd, I thought this was a democracy. More like democrazy. Pfff. Hell yeah, I ended on a pun. If you read or even skimmed that, hi five! Let's go burn everything to the ground and make things make sense! 

(I mean, so many people fight and die for our freedom, it's like some kind of sick joke. What are we doing? We can do so much better - ugh, I'm done, for real. I'm done.)

Some thangs - Job and Mystfell

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 30, 2015, 7:26 PM
SO, big news made short, I got a job! Like a real adult job lol I work for AllGoods designer shirts for schools. Funny that I would go to school for computer animation, switch to Illustration, and then end up with a job in graphic design XD I really enjoy my job though. It's half template fun and half brain juice. Sometimes I get scribbles on a page and have to interpret it and other times it's plug and play, so it's not wearing me out. So when I come home I watch tv shows and work on Mystfell C; Soooooon, guys, soooon. Soon Mystfell will be a thing. Our biggest problem is coder. Need coder so bad (If you're a coder and reading this, yes we will pay you, we just cna't find anyone with the time to spare. Jenni is pretty good, but she's still learning. 

Also, my brother does some pretty awesome hand light shows. You know the thing Dr. Horrible does with his hands? That. But lots better. (Quality is not so great, but that's what you get from a cell phone in a night club lol) 

<div class="video"></div>

[DA changed >:[ If anyone knows how to made it work AND hide the code. Please tell me. )

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