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August 8, 2012
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Texture and Painting Tutorial: Beginners by Blackpassion777 Texture and Painting Tutorial: Beginners by Blackpassion777
Warning: HUGE file [DL link below for slow connections]

What's "spacing?" Spacing gives you this effect. While it can be useful, generally it is not. Photoshop's default setting for spacing is about 5%.

!!! This tutorial should translate fairly painlessly to any adobe CS edition. As far as technique, this should also work in any advanced program with layers. !!!

BRUSH SETSave this to your computer, don't click 'open'
To load brushes: With brush tool active, Right click > Load

At the very bottom of the list you'll see two brushes named 175. I used the first one.

I made this assuming you had little to no experience with Photoshop. So don't be insulted that I showed a pic of the move tool lol (sorry if there are spelling errors. Also, sorry for the scatteryness. That's how I organize things)

Should translate to other programs decently well. if something is unclear or hard to see, let me know and I'll clarify in the artist's comments. Noticed people wanted to know how to use textures and how I painted, so...this.

Here's the finished speedpaint & another with the same techniques

This was about 2 hours of work. So if you were to keep going
it would need more highlights and such, which you can figure out on your own.


:icondervila: Q: Why use RGB and not CMYK if you're going to print?

:iconblackpassion777:A: You can use either. I think the reason I do it is because I've had problems in the past moving textures to a project because the Color Modes were different. Or it's just a habit lol


:icontuonenkalla: Q: "This is similar to the effect "photo filter" - except to use photo filter on an entire picture it needs to be flattened" But photo filter does affect the entire picture if used as an adjustment layer on top of the other layers?

:iconblackpassion777: A: Super true, I didn't mention that. I rarely use adjustment layers. Who knows why. Doesn't mean you guys can't, so keep that in mind when you're working! If you don't know how, that's fine, my method above is basically the same.


!!! If you're having trouble reading it, download the fullsize here !!!
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emocx Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
Stitchy-Face Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hey I may have asked this before, I can't recall OTL but what texture pack is this? o3o
Blackpassion777 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Up on LostandTaken he has a gallery tab in the top right. GO there under paper and it's near the end of the list, maybe around pg 20 or so? And np, it's not like it's a secret XD
Stitchy-Face Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
He dun seem to have them up anymore, or maybe I'm on the wrong gallery D:
MissingLync Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
hi thx for the tutorial its rlly helpful but unfortunately idk for some reason my tablet isnt pressure sensitive like when i draw, i does say it is on the box but idk i tried the setting u said for the brushes and i thought it might make it pressure sesitive but its exactly the same any ideas? thx :)
Blackpassion777 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
There could be a few reasons that's happening. Have you recently restored your computer? If so, you might have forgotten to reinstall your tablets driver software. If you lost the disk, they have a neat little list of them on their site where you can download it.

If that isn't the case, try unplugging it, plugging it back in, then configuring the settings under properties.

If none of these things work, the last thing I can think of is clicking the button on the far right, after you have the brush tool selected. [link] It just sounds like the computer is treating the pen like a mouse because it doesn't know to use the pen pressure.

Let me know if any of those things worked!
MissingLync Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012
I actually did restore it a while back but the thing is i think the pen pressure was never there when i 1st started using it but the thing is i wasnt really aware of what pressure sensitive was then so im not sure if i was there or not (and this issue has been here for a while.) When i would draw like the lines are really weird and like pixely they would be like smooth i downloaded the drivers and it fixed that but unfortunately not the pen pressure (maybe i didnt downloaded the right one or new one? cause i remember when i tried to download the drivers it wouldnt like let me download the newest one or something like that). And for the configuring settings part um where do i check that out i have the bamboo preferences but there isnt anything there for the settings. And for the button is it the circle on with the pen? I tried it and it did make a difference ._. .... Sigh i really do appreciate the help it means a lot for u trying to help me so Thank You :). Well if you have anymore suggestions much appreciated! Have a nice day and God Bless!
Blackpassion777 Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I don't have a bamboo tablet, so I can't know for sure what the problem might be, but if it's brand new and the drivers seem to be installed, then it's probably an issue with how your computer is interpreting the software and/or the settings are somehow messed up. Usually the instant you touch the pen to the tablet it starts up the driver software. I'd try a shout out in the forums for people with bamboo tablets to see if they've found a way to fix it D:

And no problem, I'll do my best to answer any more questions if you've got them C:
MissingLync Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
(Btw sorry i forgot to give watch you and give you a llama i forgot D:.) Anyways... guess what i finally got my PEN PRESSURE TO WORK 8D :iconwewtplz: Im so happy :D and i really appreciate your help im serious it means a lot o3o. Im gonna start drawing again but i kinda have art block :P. Imma gonna dedicate a drawing to you so is there anything specific you want me to draw for you? o3o I need improve more and improve my skills so ya :D. And in your journal i think it was, it ask like about what anime this is and there was a link to tumblr, the anime is called K or K Project if you didnt find out yet :p. Oh also a main issue for me when drawing is coloring and drawing backgrounds i have like no idea how to draw backgrounds like cause im not rlly used to ps brushes (and i like never drew a background :P) im more used to paint tool sai brushes so ya. Any tips? Thx again i appreciate it have a nice day and God Bless :D!
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